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Motorbike Insurance Comparison

Motorbike Insurance can be a bit of a nightmare finding the right level of cover suitable for yourself, and getting the cheapest quotes.  Follow our guide below to help you choose the right insurance company for you.


Motorbike insurance is required by law to make sure people can cover the costs of any riding-related damage or injury.  For example, if you crash your bike into someone else, your insurance will pay for the repairs to the other vehicle.

The most important thing in looking for a suitable policy is to understand what cover you need.

Types Of Cover


Third party only (TPO)

The minimum level of cover required by law in the UK. This type of cover includes:

  • Liability for damage or injury to a third party
  • Damage to property

It does not include cover for damage to your motorbike or personal injury, nor insurance if your bike is stolen or set on fire.


Third party fire and theft (TPFT)

This will protect you from claims made against you as the result of an accident, as well as offering cover for:

  • Fire
  • Your bike being stolen
  • Any damage caused to your bike during theft or attempted theft

It doesn’t include cover for damage to your motorbike, or for personal injury.



Comprehensive cover generally allows you to claim for any damage to your motorbike (except for anything outlined in your policy exclusions), and can also offer insurance for:

  • Accidental damage to your motorbike
  • Vandalism
  • Medical expenses

You may also be entitled to a temporary replacement motorbike if yours needs to be fixed after an accident, but double check your policy documents to see if this is included.

How You Use Your Bike

When you apply for insurance you’ll need to declare what you will be using your bike for and your answers will play a part in finding you an appropriate policy. The main categories are:

  • Social, domestic and pleasure
  • Commuting
  • Business use
  • Courier and delivery


Cover For Riding Other Motorbikes

Cover for riding other motorbikes won’t always be included in every policy, so make sure that you always read your documents carefully. You’ll also need to obtain the bike owner’s permission before hitting the road and make sure they have valid insurance of their own.


Pillion Cover

As with cover for riding another motorbike, you’ll need to check your policy to see if you’re covered for carrying passengers. Such cover used to be common, but nowadays it’s now more likely to be an optional extra.

No Claims Bonus

A no claims bonus builds up for every year that you’re insured and don’t make a claim. The amount of discount that you receive can vary from insurer to insurer and could increase for every year you don’t make a claim.

Remember that it’s a ‘no claim’ not a ‘no blame’ discount, so if you make a claim on your policy and your insurance company can’t recover the costs, it will affect your no claims discount even if the incident was not your fault.

If you make a claim that is considered to be your fault you’ll lose some of your no claims discount, with the amount lost depending on your insurer.

You should note that only a small number of insurers allow the transfer of your car’s no claims bonus to your motorbike – the majority won’t.

You’re not able to transfer your motorbike’s no claims bonus to your car.


Motorbike Insurance Excess

An excess is your contribution towards any claim. You’ll need to pay the excess to the garage that repairs your bike when you pick it up. The main excess types are:

Compulsory excess

This is the amount decided by the insurer which you must pay if you make a claim on your policy.

Voluntary excess

A voluntary excess is how much you choose to pay on top of your compulsory excess when you need to make a claim.

Motorbike Insurance Comparison

These days it pays to shop around for your Motorbike Insurance, as you will often find at the end of the year your insurance premium shoots up.  That is why we recommend to try The Bike Insurer, Compare The Market, & Devitt Insurance at the top of the page for your first stop insurance quotes.

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