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Learn To Ride A Motorcycle (UK) CBT & DAS

Learning To Ride (UK)

To ride a Scooter / Motorcycle on the road in the UK, you must be at least 16 to ride a 50cc Scooter or Motorcycle, and 17 to ride a 125cc.  You must start by ordering your provisional driving license which you can get from the government website.


CBT Training

To ride on your own with L Plates in these categories you must complete CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).  The CBT consists of five elements grouped into three modules.

Module 1 consists of an introduction and theoretical training.  In this module you will also get practical training, controls, balance, gears etc

Module 2 consists of more practical riding skills, and a pre-road ride briefing.

Module 3 is practical on-road riding which lasts a minimum of 2 hours.

There is no pass or fail for a CBT.  If your instructor can see you can control your bike and can ride safely on the road you will get a CBT certificate.  If your instructor thinks you need a bit more training before getting the certificate you can go back and complete the part of the training you need and complete the road training.  You don’t need to re-take the entire CBT

If you are looking for training centres, our Biker Directory contains an ever growing number of them around the UK!.



CBT Lesson



To ride without L Plates once you have your CBT Certificate, you must pass a theory test, which you can book at https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test.  The theory test consists of multiple choice questions, and also a hazard awareness test.



Once you have passed you theory test, you can then either complete a DAS course or book your practical tests if using your own bike (125cc).  There is an age limit for certain motorbikes you can ride which is based upon the BHP of the motorcycle.  To get an A2 Motorcycle license you must be 19 or older and have a motorcycle no more than 35KW or 47BHP once you have passed your test.

To ride an unrestricted Motorcycle in the UK, you must be either 21 or older and have had an A2 license for 2 years, or you must be 24 or older.  Once you have passed your tests you can ride without L Plates.

The practical test for a full Motorcycle License in the UK consists of 2 tests.  The first test called Mod 1, is taken in a special area not on the public road, and is designed to show that you have full control of the Motorcycle.  The second test called Mod 2 is out on the public road with an examiner following on a bike and giving instructions through an intercom.

Please note if you get your Full Motorbike License on a 125cc, you must take the theory and practical tests again to get an A2, or unrestricted license.  The same applies if you pass your test on an A2 License.  You must take the test again to get an unrestricted license.

We highly recommend getting your license through a DAS (Direct Access Scheme) Course through an approved Motorcycle Instructor.  We have many Motorcycle Training Schools listed on our Biker Directory.

Motorcycle Gear

While the only compulsory thing you are required to wear in the UK is a Motorbike Helmet, there is other essential gear you must get to make yourself more protected should the worse happen.

Strong Boots, or specialist motorbike boots are a must for protecting your feet and ankles.  Motorbike trousers usually have protection for your knees and hips, and range from leathers to jeans.  Motorbike jackets protect your elbows, shoulders, back and body.  There is a massive range of style and materials you can buy for biker jackets.  Finally Motorbike gloves are a must to protect you hands and fingers from impact and falling damage.  Again there is a huge range of styles you can buy.  Our Biker Directory contains many Motorcycle shops to buy these items, and also our own shop contains thousands of them!