Shop Update

Our shop is receiving a massive update of over 300,000 car & motorcycle products.  Please note that while this update is taking place, the products may not load in the app until this has completed.  Once completed we will send an updated version of our app with the new categories in place.  We anticipate this update to finish on 17th February.

Welcome To The MotoPlaces App

Thanks for installing our App.  MotoPlaces is a community motoring website covering Cars, Motorbikes & Scooters.  We list thousands of events which you can filter down by the three categories.

Our Social sections lets you make posts, share photos & videos, add friends, chat, create & join groups & lots more.  We also host an online directory & routes page which you can add to easily once you have registered for free on our community section.

We also have a shop listing thousands of products from a variety of retailers, and in the app you can select just the category you are interested in.  Once you have found a product and select the basket icon, you will be taken to the product on the retailers site for purchase.

Simply swipe from the left on your phone to open the apps menu for quick navigation.  If you like our app please share & rate it.