Tor Poznan

Tor Poznan

Over ninety years of history, over 4,000 registered members, including several hundred active members, nearly 100 employed persons – this is, of course, the most concise, current image of our association – Automobile Club of Greater Poland with attractive facilities with Tor Poznan at the helm. It is a great challenge to act. Activities bringing first of all satisfaction to the members of the club, but also to the motorized inhabitants of Wielkopolska. The mission implemented in such a way is supposed to make it our honor to join our automotive ranks and to be a member of the Automobile Club of Greater Poland.

The club is open to ideas, willingness to work, and action both in the areas of sport, tourism, road rescue, road safety and business activity. Because the face of the club is formed by members and activists, and the Club’s Board not only co-directs the club, but also makes us feel responsible for the club’s common good.

The Wielkopolska Automobile Club promotes the development of all motorsports on the “Poznań” Circuit, tourism by organizing popular and navigational rallies, and caravanning rallies. It also promotes road safety by organizing road rescuer training for this purpose. The club also serves motorized help giving advice in the club’s clinic and helps the injured in transport accidents.

We do not forget about our rich history. We care about the well-being of national culture, that is, automotive monuments, supporting individual undertakings and maintaining the Automotive Museum. History is also people. We value and respect our senior activists. We want them to feel that we are supporting them.
As a motor club, we make every effort to be respected in the city, region and country to be associated unambiguously as a worthy representative of every motorized Wielkopolska and a reliable partner for the city and province authorities.

+48 61 814 35 11
Wyścigowa 3
62-081 Przeźmierowo
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