MotoPlaces – Biker App

How To Install The App

MotoPlaces uses a technology called Progressive Web App (PWA) to install the app to your phone.  PWA Apps save space, are more secure, and use less mobile data.

iPhone & iPad Instructions

  • In Safari from this page, Press the Share button, Scroll Right, and select Add To HomeScreen
  • Press Add on the menu that appears
  • Safari will then close, Press the MotoPlaces App Icon
  • The App is now Installed


Android Instuctions

Our App is available on the Google Play Store which you can download from HERE or,

  • From the Chrome Browser on this page, Press the Options Tab at the top right of the screen
  • Select Add to Home Screen
  • Select Add
  • The App is now Installed


ChromeBook Instructions

  • From this page, select Settings & Click Install
  • You will see the Webpage turning into an App & This will be added to the shelf area as well
  • The App is now Installed


Windows 10 Instructions


MotoPlaces – Biker App

MotoPlaces – Biker App lists Biker related Places & Events, added from the Biker Community.

Biker Directory lists many Motorbike Related Places from around the world, you can filter the different categories to find what you are looking for easier or to search new places to ride to.  Once you select a place marker, if you are using iPhone, or Android you can get directions which will open Google or Apple Maps for navigation.  If you are using our Windows App, you will get a list of directions.  You can also select more information to get the places phone number or website.  As well as the visual directory, underneath is a more traditional directory list, containing Address, Phone Number, Description & Website where possible.

Motorbike Events Section lists Motorbike Events from the following categories :- Bike Nights, Biker Charity Events, Motorbike Club Events, Motorbike Festivals/Events, Motorbike Race Events, & Motorbike Rideout Group Events.  You can search by Name, Location, Dates, Categories, and Countries.  You can also list your own motorbike events by going to the event page and clicking/pressing Submit Your Motorbike Event Link.

Motorbike Sales lists 50 of the latest motorbikes on eBay.

Our Shop contains some of our own merchandise such as T-Shirts, & Caps.  We also list some great deals from Amazon.

As MotoPlaces is community driven, you can add a Place or Event using the forms in the appropriate sections.  We welcome all submissions to help other Bikers find new Places, Roads & Events.

We hope you enjoy using our App & Website, and please share it with other Bikers and like our Facebook Page.


MotoPlaces – Biker App (PWA Mobile Version) Screenshots


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